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Bonkers Year!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Hi Folks

Well what a bonkers year it’s been so far. Did you know that 2020 is the ‘international year of craft’. Well for me, 2020 was looking extremely promising with exhibitions, talks, demonstrations/workshops and three lovely shows lined up to make the year a super exciting one and ,in fact , the busiest I’ve been since arriving in Vancouver eight years ago.

COVID-19 made all of that disappear. So, with no platform on which to display or sell work, I find myself making, creating a body of work with no deadline or goal in sight but which, one day, sooner or later, will be revealed.

When talking to my fellow creative chums it seems like I am not alone in this boat. It seems like we’re a tough crew though. We’re resilient and we’re working through it, sharpening our artistic, practical and technical skills as we go. Whilst we accept ‘ it is what it is’, we can still work on our businesses, developing new products, new ideas and finding new ways to show our work in this covid world. Hopefully this extraordinary experience shapes us for the good and will add amazing texture to our stories in the future.

Keep safe, mask up,  wash your hands and protect your loved ones.

Lorna 💕

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