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what a week ive just had at the wonderful CIRCLECRAFT Christmas Market. The energy from visitors over the 5 days was electric and I got the feeling of complete joy from everyone who stopped at my booth to say hello, buy or just look and soak it all up. I talked and talked and talked LOL, its what I love to do and most folk enjoy the stories behind each piece. I finished the show with considerably less stock on my cardboard shelving and feeling very content that id made connection with really lovely people. its warmed my heart, fuelled my fire to keep doing what im doing and I am so very grateful.

next show is a wee pop up with a small group of makers at the WILDEYE BREWERY on mainstream in North Vancouver. 10 and 11 December. 12- 10 pm. if you fancy a 'craft' experience of art, beer, food and maybe some live music, swing by and say hello.


lorna ❤️

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