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its showtime

I can't believe its been a year since I last posted anything on this blog but it is with great pleasure and SQUEALS of delight that I can tell you that the HARMONY ARTS FESTIVAL, in Ambleside, west Vancouver, is back!!!!!!. its a revised version of the event but im sure the organizers will make it a CORKER!!!. it runs over the first 2 weekends in august and I will be exhibiting and selling over the first weekend...... times are..

friday 31 July 3pm-9pm

Saturday 1 august 12pm-9pm

sunday 2nd august 12pm-9pm

monday 3rd august 12pm-9pm

I am SO excited to be out and about and face to face with people again.............its been a very long while.

along with my original collage and printed pillows I will have mirrors and purses, and I'm also introducing a brand new tea towel and adorable beanie collection.

please swing by my stand and say hello and have a squeeze of a few pillows.


lots of love


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