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all you need is love

what a great song and so appropriate right now. in the last few months amidst the covid fog we've been in, I never thought I could love my family, my friends and my community more, but I do.

in March we knew that this time of year was going to be challenging for small businesses relying on Christmas markets as a platform to sell work and it certainly has been tough.

a special part of exhibiting work , for me, is the interaction and communication with my customers, or just connecting with people who might just be interested in the techniques I use or what my inspiration has been for each piece. every piece of work I make has a unique story to it and I love to talk about it to anyone who's interested. when ive sold a piece of work its always lovely to know where its going , the purpose its been bought for like a wedding or birthday gift or if its a treat for someone has recovered from an illness. it warms my heart.

with no shows I thought that this connection would suffer but you know what, it hasn't. I have been overwhelmed with the support I have had over this holiday season and its wonderful to know that people want to shop locally and they've still wanted to tell me why they're buying, who its for and then sending me photos of my work in their space. we've, zoomed, teamed, texted, emailed, instagrammed and phoned our way through it . how brilliant is that. I truly, madly, deeply thank you.

enjoy Christmas and I wish you all the happiest , healthiest 2021.

lots of love


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